Alpenkräuter-Balsam is a traditional German product made with carefully selected herbs from the Alps. It is widely used to solve problems such as rheumatic diseases, poor circulation and stiffness, and pain relief in various parts of the body, especially in the back, shoulders, neck and legs. 

Helps with issues such as:

• • Back pain and stiffness

• • Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

• • Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, sciatica

• • Foot and leg pain

• • Pain in the muscles and joints

• • Headache and poor circulation

• • Massage for sport injuries 

The main features Alpenkräuter-Balsam is made from natural herbs from the Alps. It features a very pleasant, fresh scent and blueish green color. This cream contains the ingredients of well-known herbs and essential oils in a raw material for the skin. Applying the alpine cream does not allow the skin to become greasy, and immediately absorbs the cream ingredients into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, so its effect is almost instant as it cools down at first and then warms up. 

Properties and effect Alpine Cream – Alpenkräuter-Balsam is extremely useful for bad circulation, muscle inflammation, painful tendons, lack of joint lubricant, knee, shoulder, hip pain, stiffness of neck and neck and back pain, and headaches. It also has a good effect on rheumatic diseases and sports damage. It is absorbed immediately when using the Alpenkräuter-Balsam, and then penetrates deeper into the muscles and joints. If you have problems with poor circulation, pain in your legs or headache, it is enough to rub the cream in the painful place and you will notice the change and its positive effects in minutes. The pain disappears or decreases significantly. This product can also be used to reduce swelling, inflammation, allergies and insect bites. Alpine cream effectively reduces itching and redness. 

Use The Alpenkräuter-Balsam is for external use only and is rubbed on the skin. The best results are achieved when the cream is absorbed during the 4-5 minute thorough massage. The massage improves circulation and allows the whole body to relax. For better results, the Alpenkräuter Balsam can be used several times a day and can be combined with physical therapy to reduce pain more quickly and effectively. 

Warnings The Alpenkräuter-Balsam is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not apply to damaged skin, open or infected wounds. Do not use bandages. 

Storageand expiration date Keep in a dark and cool place away from children. Can be used for 12 months after the opening the tube.

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