Herbal Oil 111

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Functional oil with vitality of herbs for versatile use of body care. Natural plant oil concentrate from roots, berries and many well-known and proven herbs and plants. Especially when returning to nature, vegetable oils provide versatile help in everyday life. 

Versatile use: 

For healthy body care for general refreshment to remove the annoying odor of Massage 2-4 drops of 111 herbal oils into all parts of the body after bathing in the morning or before the night, such as chest, neck, back, arms, legs. Anyone who once tries this no longer wants to stop. Massage 24 drops of herbal oil into the desired surface if feeling headache and fatigue signs on the forehead, temple, scalp and neck. It refreshes immediately. 

Before training, hiking and mountain tours, massage the arms, the lower and upper legs and the foot with a few drops of 111 herbal oil. Repeat after the trip. Use 111 herbal oil after each bath, each shower or after training. Excellent for massage. There is little better than 111 herbal oils for foot care. Massage after each foot bath, especially if the leg burns, stings, feels tired and heavy or has an irritating odor. After long walks, soothing treatment is immediately visible; the foot becomes refreshed and odorless. 

FOR TEETH AND ORAL CARE, ESPECIALLY AGAINST IRRITATING BAD BREATH Pour 2 drops of 111 Herbal oil is into the mouthwash and rinse with it. The product provides a feeling of good care in the entire oral cavity and guarantees clean breath. Excellent for brushing. 

In homes, a few drops of oil in a bowl filled with water will keep the air fresh. 

Use a few drops of oil for sauna or inhalation.

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