Argan Oil Kit

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Argan Oil Cosmetic Kit Contains:

 Regenerating Shampoo – 250ml

Pampering Shower Gel – 250 ml

Body Lotion – 250ml

Day Cream – 125 ml

Night Moisturizing Cream – 125 ml

Argan oil provides a natural and effective solution to the problems of early aging.

Argan Walnut Oil is an incredible rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Organic Argan Oil is rich in ingredients that support the natural protective layer of skin. Exceptional vitamin E content fades scars and pregnancy strips, and is also suitable for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

What is Argan Oil Good for?

Argan oil is a valuable raw material for skin and hair care, and is also known as a first-class dietary oil and nutritional supplement.

It is acknowledged as an anti-aging tensioner, a nourishing regenerator,and a  a cell-relieving, slightly anti-inflammatory oil.

 Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree spinosa from the genus of the sapotan family. Its natural occurrence is limited to an area of ​​820,000 km2 in the south-west of Morocco, designated by UNESCO as a protected biosphere reserve (1995).

With its roots which can reach a depth of up to 30 metres and huge crown, the Argan Tree contributes to maintaining the ecological balance of the region and helping to prevent further desertification in one of the world’s driest regions.

The oil extracted from the core of the Argan Tree is used by the Berbers as a source of nutrition, but also in traditional healing as the elixir of skin and hair.

This valuable natural material has become a sought-after commercial item, and Moroccan women, who are familiar with the ancient science of producing argan oil, can contribute to the income of their families.

The most important uses of Argan Oil are:

Due to its special scent, skin care and skin rejuvenating effect, excellent cosmetic products can be made from Argan oil.

Morocco traditionally uses it as a dietary supplement and as a home remedy.

Some of its special ingredients and their combination make the Argan oil perfect for skin and hair care.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects have also been proved.

 In addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, foliage oil contains tocopherols (very active antioxidant components of vitamin E) and two phytosterols that are not found in other oils.

 Phytosterols generally reduce cholesterol production. In addition, only rare cases of schottenol and spinasterol are found in the argan oil.

Schottenol is believed to reduce the risk of developing tumors, and also stimulates cell growth and cell renewal.

More in-depth research on the properties of the two active ingredients is still ongoing. Polyphenols generally have an antioxidant effect, i.e. cell protection, and they compete with known free radical binding agents such as vitamin C and vitamin E or beta carotene.

Additionally, polyphenols are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and help prevent heart attacks, thrombosis, and cancerous tumors, but also elderly eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. They can also have a positive effect on the immune system and the hormone economy, which can reduce allergic reactions and the variability of varicose veins.

Squalene occurs in almost every living organism, with some biochemical bonds having a stimulating effect on the immune system.

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