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Hyaluronic acid in Hyaluron’s professional cosmetics has excellent water retention and water retention properties, smoothes fine wrinkles and lines and has an anti-wrinkle and wrinkle-filling effect.

Excellent care for dry skin! Because of the complex effect of hyaluronic acid, we can safely call it the elixir of youth. The secrets of the anti-aging formula have been discovered by nutrition and cosmetics companies for decades, so we can now enjoy its rejuvenating effect.

Hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin, so it immediately restores the complexion of the skin. It practically replenishes mimic wrinkles, crow’s feet, and grooves in the areas between eyebrows. Beyond the volume-boosting effect, it also makes the facial skin tighter and more flexible. Its effect is greatly enhanced by another active substance, saponin, which is found beside hyaluron.

Hyaluronic acid is found in every living organism. One of the components of connective tissue, whose production begins to decline after the age of 20. Hyaluronic acid connects and fills the cellular tissue in the connective tissue, ensuring the elasticity and tension of the skin. Reducing the body’s hyaluronic acid content is one of the most important causes of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid (HA = Hyaluron Acid) is a protein (polyelectrolyte – a charged isomer) that is found naturally in the human body and is concentrated in synovial joint fluid, heart valves, and eyes. Hyaluronic acid belongs to the glycosaminoglycan family of proteins and is a major component of cartilage. In our organization, it performs its primary function as a component of cartilage. In cartilage, Hyaluronic Acid protects our body from external physical effects, lubricates the joints and protects them from chronic inflammation (arthritis), and also heals damaged tissues. Hyaluronic acid also promotes the functioning of the immune system, as it is an antioxidant, retains water in our body, provides lubrication for the heart valves and reduces bacterial infections. Hydration is critical to the immune system, muscle mass growth, and absorption of A and B vitamins. Finally, healthy heart activity can prevent cardiovascular issues and deliver minerals and vitamins to the areas that need them most.

Hyaluronic acid formulations are also applied to the skin, injected directly under the wrinkles, as well as on the surface of the face, targeting the area, replacing volume while naturally lifting wrinkles.

It distinguishes it from other wrinkle fillers in the way it is distributed in the skin and naturally binds water molecules. This latter process also contributes to the volume increase and its continuous, long-term maintenance. Over the months, hyaluronic acid will gradually decompose in the body and be absorbed from the skin without leaving any residue.

Hyaluronic acid is successfully used in many other areas:

In rheumatology, orthopedics, and sports medicine: movement can be improved by releasing the joint gap, reducing pain and the possibility of developing inflammation

Urology: It is used in painful bladder syndrome

Dermatology: Used on things from abrasions to ulcerative wounds

Relieves allergic issues, helps with the treatment of ear- nose- and throat diseases

Dentists use it to treat periodontal inflammation


Hyaluron set

15x vials of 2 ml

1x Peeling 125 ml

1x 125 ml daily moisturizing cream (Feuchtigkeitscreme)

1x 125 ml Night Care Cream (Aufbaucreme)

Instruction Manual:

Before each treatment, the skin should be cleaned with a scrub and rinsed with plenty of water.

The ampoules should be shaken before treatment, broken at the end and handled carefully on the skin to be treated. Absorption time for hyaluron ampoules is 10-15 minutes, depending on skin type. Treatment should be repeated every 2-3 days, preferably in the morning. In the middle of the day, you should use the day moisturizer cream, 1 hour after the ampoule treatment, and the night cream before bedtime, once a day. Complete treatment takes 30 days.

Store the product in a dry place out of sunlight and the reach of children.

The product expires 12 months after opening.

Do not apply on damaged skin!

Feuchtigkeitscreme: Day Care Hydrating Cream 125ml

After-treatment moisturizing day cream that soothes the skin and promotes the incorporation of hyaluron into the skin.

Aufbaucreme: Night Care Cream 125ml

Night soothing and moisturizing lotion with Vitamin E.

Peeling: Scrub 125ml

Apply to the skin surface with light circular movements before the ampoule treatment, let it work and wash with plenty of water. The ampoule can then be treated.

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$100.00$160.00 (-38%)

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