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THAI BALSAM with Methyl Salicylate

This balsam due to is active agent, the winter green oil, is a very unique product designed for those who suffer from severe arthritis, rheumatism, other musculoskeletal problems or circulatory insufficiency.

This product has the following ingredients:


Methyl salicylate (“winter green” oil) is a natural compound that can be produced by many plant species, primarily evergreen plants.
It has a muscle and joint pain reducing effect along with some reddening effect. It is mostly known as a painkiller for musculoskeletal problems. Methyl salicylate increases blood circulation around tissues and muscles, causing a slightly cool and “peppery” feeling. This can reduce muscle cramps, respectively it can also bring relief from some rheumatic pains. Methyl Salicylate has cortisone-like effects that help to relieve pain. Methyl Salicylate is an effective anti-inflammatory.


Menthol has muscle and joint pain reducing effect. If we treat our aching muscles with menthol, it will dilate the blood vessels around them and fresh blood is pumped into the area. Like this fresh nutrients appear there and toxic by-products are carried away so our muscles regenerate faster as a result. Menthol has local anesthetic, analgesic and antispasmodic properties. In cosmetic products it provides cooling effect along with skin nourishing, soothing, refreshing effect Menthol tones the skin, tightens pores, reduces swelling and restores skin flexibility. It is a natural anti-itching agent. It has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant effect.
The antiseptic effect of mint has been known since ancient times and has been used in healing. Mint is an excellent disinfectant, so it is a very effective help in treating smaller wounds. It can protect the skin from infection, it also plays a role in regulating sebum production. According to one study, it can kill 22 types of bacteria and 11 types of fungi.


Cold-pressed shea butter is a very valuable skin and hair care product from the fruit of the wild shea tree in Africa. Shea butter is an effective moisturizer because it contains a lot of fatty acids that are needed to keep our skin hydrated and supple. Shea butter also reduces the dehydration process and can reduce wrinkles. It is skin regenerating, especially recommended for sensitive, irritated skin conditions.

Shea butter is used to treat burns, wounds, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff and styria. Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid, a substance that protects the skin from harmful UV rays.


The main effect of camphor is the anesthetic effect. This pain-relieving mechanism stems from the dual cooling-heating properties of camphor. After rubbing its oil, camphor first cools the peripheral nerve endings. It then begins to warm the cold, stiff muscles, joints and limbs of the painful areas by increasing blood flow.

It has cooling, muscle and joint pain relieving effect. An excellent solution for rheumatic and muscle pains, nerve pinches and back pain. Relieves pain caused by injuries and sprains

It has a beneficial effect on blisters and sore skin and when added to cosmetic ointments it is effective for oily and acne-prone skin.

Insect repellent property.

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